Tommy Lasorda

Tommy Lasorda

F-bombs away: Rants a time-honored part of sports culture

Fellas, chill. It’s just a game, right? Losing stinks. We totally get it. Athletes and coaches have been angry about coming up on the short end since cavemen looked at each other, pointed to a […]



Tomm Lasorda at the 2014 MLB Winter Meetings

The Beast 980’s Sam Farber ran into Los Angeles Dodgers legend at the MLB Winter Meetings in San Diego and asked him about Maury Wills not making the Hall of Fame, how Andy Friedman has […]


Dodgers P Clayton Kershaw

Tommy Lasorda: “I think the MVP should be someone that plays every day.”

Legendary Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda joined The Home Team on Tuesday morning and explained why he doesn’t believe Clayton Kershaw should win the MVP award, even if he wants him to win it… […]