Peyton Manning

ICYMI in NFL's Week 12: Gronk injured; Pats lose to Broncos
Patriots-Broncos missing a key cast member: Peyton Manning
Who needs Peyton Manning when you have Brock Osweiler
Chiefs chase Manning from game in 29-13 win over Broncos
Talib loses his cool and costs Broncos shot at win
No trades get done on NFL's deadline day
ICYMI in NFL's Week 8: D takes a break in Giants-Saints
Michael Irvin: "My mom could have gotten out of hospice and played better QB than Matt Cassel"
FANTASY PLAYS: Charles' injury leaves a big hole in lineups
ICYMI in NFL's Week 5: Are the Bengals no longer Bungles?
Peyton Manning completes 6,000th pass
Football's crazy first 2 weeks, plus Brady vs. Manning
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