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Kobe Bryant

Byron Scott on Kobe’s retirement: We know how the Black Mamba is; he might reconsider

Los Angeles Lakers Coach Byron Scott joined Jim Rome today for an exclusive interview. He explains how he felt leading up to the Draft Lottery and when he got nervous during that night. He talks […]


Byron Scott

Lawler on Lakers draft position: “It’s great for the Clippers if Lakers get back to being competitive”

Legendary broadcaster of the Los Angeles Clippers Ralph Lawler joins The Home Team weekdays at 7:30 a.m. to share his breadth of knowledge of all things NBA. Today the big topic was the NBA Draft Lottery for the […]


D'Angelo Russell

Wasserman on possible Lakers Draft pick: “D’Angelo Russell is the most skilled player in the Draft”

Bleacher Report’s Lead NBA Draft Analyst Jonathan Wasserman joins The Home Team to talk about the Clippers center DeAndre Jordan’s options as a free agent; an analysis of the Lakers’ in the No. 2 Draft […]


Byron Scott

NBA Draft Order

First Round 1. Minnesota 2. L.A. Lakers 3. Philadelphia 4. New York 5. Orlando 6. Sacramento 7. Denver 8. Detroit 9. Charlotte 10. Miami 11. Indiana 12. Utah 13. Phoenix 14. Oklahoma City 15. Atlanta […]


Minnesota Timberwolves owner, Glen Taylor, left, talks with Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott

Timberwolves win draft lottery, Lakers move to No. 2

The Minnesota Timberwolves won the NBA draft lottery Tuesday night, the first time since 2004 the team with the worst record won the No. 1 pick. After years of bad luck in the lottery, things […]


Los Angeles Lakers center Jordan Hill, left, and Sacramento Kings forward Jason Thompson

Lakers’ John Black describes NBA Draft Lottery step-by-step

John Black, Vice President of Public and Media Relations of the Los Angeles Lakers, talked with Fred about what it’s like to be inside the secret room at the NBA Draft Lottery. He talked about […]


David Griffin, Jeff Cohen

NBA lottery still creating hope and headlines after 30 years

Phil Jackson remembers watching old teammate Dave DeBusschere pound his fist in triumph, when the Knicks and NBA were dual winners. The first draft lottery in 1985 gave New York the No. 1 pick and […]



Kobe Bryant tweets respect to Blake Griffin, but still bleeds gold

We’re assuming that Kobe Bryant was watching Game 6 last night at 9:30 p.m. when he tweeted that Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin has grown tremendously, adding the hashtag #respect. When ESPN writer […]



After Harden didn’t win MVP, Kobe Tweets that Steph deserved it

Last week Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant tweeted that his choice for NBA MVP this year was Houston Rockets’ James Harden. So when the Warriors’ Stephen Curry won the award, somebody on Twitter asked Mamba […]


Kobe Bryant

Watch Kobe Bryant discuss when his daughters can date

The Insider’s Michael Yo interviewed Kobe Bryant in San Francisco, where the “Black Mamba” was promoting his new Hublot watch line, when he found out that Kobe is like any other father when it comes […]