San Diego attorney thinks Chargers want to be in LA but their heart is in SD

San Diego city attorney Jan Goldsmith talked with Fred Roggin about the Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) between San Diego and Carson.

I got tired of hearing from [San Diego Charters attorney] Mark Fabiani that our EIR is bad and won’t pass legal muster. He said that before it was even completed. We put 100 scientists and engineers on that. The man hours was equivalent to 770 days. We spent several million dollars. The product is about 6,000 pages and goes into incredible amount of detail. 

Does he think the Chargers want to move to L.A. or stay in San Diego?

I think at this point the Chargers have Los Angeles as their first choice. That could change. There are a lot of considerations they have to take into account. I do believe that Dean Spanos and the Spanos family have San Diego in their hearts. I’ve known Alex Spanos, I’ve talked enough with Dean Spanos, looked him in the eye. I believe in their heart San Diego is there but I do not believe we’re their first choice right now. That’s why they can’t show openly that we have a good working relationship. They don’t want their partners to say, ‘Well now San Diego is taken care of, let’s give Los Angeles to someone else.’ There is a reason they’ve chosen Los Angeles first and I’m not going to speculate why.

Jan Goldsmith answers many more questions from Fred so check out the conversation:


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